Monday, February 15, 2010

"Poisonous mercury is in vaccines"

This is the letter to the editor that sparked my skeptical indignation enough to start this blog. As such I have already sent in a reply to the newspaper that can be read in the comments.

Sunraysia Daily Newspaper

Letter to Editor

11 Feb 2010

Poisonous mercury is in vaccines

AUSTRALIA'S chief health officer Professor Jim Bishop is to write to doctors urging them to "redouble efforts" to vaccinate as many patients as possible.

But the 10-dose vials of this vaccine contain a 24.5 micrograms per 5 mL dose of the preservative thimerosal, a mercury derivative.
The Food and Drug Administration removed mercury-containing ointment for horses from the market and proclaimed zero tolerancefor mercury in any product used to treat an animal.

Those wishing to be vaccinated against swine flu would do well to insist on being vaccinated with CSL's 0.5mL thimerosal-free, single-dose, pre-filled syringe.

After all, mercury can cause birth defects, have detrimental affects on the brain and, believe it or not, mercury used to be added to some infant teething powders!

NOW mercury is added to public water supplies in cocktails of arsenic, fluoride and other heavy metals known as fluoridating agents!

Ailsa Boyden
Farleigh, Queensland.

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  1. Here is my response:

    No mercury danger from vaccines

    IN response to Ailsa Boyden’s letter to the editor on Thursday about “Poisonous mercury is in vaccines”, I’d like to point out the following.
    Yes, the multi-dose vials of swine flu vaccine contain 24.5 micrograms of thimerosal, however thimerosal is by weight 50 per cent ethyl-mercury, so there is in fact only 12.25 micrograms (millionths of a gram).

    Considering that a typical can of light tuna contains 20.4 micrograms of methyl-mercury, I would be far more worried about a tuna sandwich.

    Also, not all mercuries are equal.

    Methyl-mercury is found in all seafood, especially tuna and other long lived fish, because it bio-accumulates.

    Ethyl-mercury (Thimerosal) has been shown to be rapidly excreted by the body.

    Considering that there were a number of women who lost babies or babies became brain damaged because they contracted swine flu while pregnant and the scientific evidence of the safety of thimerosal, I think it is important that we check our facts before spreading disinformation.

    Yes the FDA in the US did remove mercury containing ointment from the market because the active ingredient (methyl-mercury) was so high that it caused blistering of the skin.

    It was not deemed safe for the animal or the person applying it.

    As for linking mercury with water flouridisation, I think that Ms Boyden may have her mercury confused again and besides I have seen many arguments from “anti-fluoridists” and “anti-vaccers” but each one has its own limitations toward the conclusion that there is a great fluoride/vaccine conspiracy.


    I am grateful that I grew up with fluoride in my drinking water, having never had a filling, and I feel very safe in siding with overwhelming scientific evidence and not conspiracy theories.

    Des Horwood

    Also here is a link as published