Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Flaws in Darwin's theory of evolution"

Believe it or not, this letter was published on the same day as my vaccination letter. What can I say Bob.....bad timing dude!

Sunraysia Daily Newspaper

Letter to Editor

13 Feb 2010

Flaws in Darwin's theory of evolution

CHARLES Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection has greatly influenced science and its institutions.

However, there are many flaws in the evolution by natural selection theory.

There are many blanks or lack of evidence in the claim that evolution by natural selection produced life.

It's- a claim that can never be proven!

There is proof that species can change through adaptation, but to argue that all life came about by blind natural selection or cause and effect is akin to tossing paint onto a wall and expecting to produce a Michelangelo or Raphael fresco masterpiece, only a trillion times plus more difficult.

Scientists, for all their efforts, have not now or never will discover the secret of life.

Whether creation was completed in six days or six billion years or more is irrelevant to the complexity, harmony and beauty thereof.

There just has to be an infinitely higher intelligence to mastermind all these majestic and inspiring wonders of the cosmos and nature.

Man's puny intellect cannot fathom these wonders, nor the spiritual world beyond.

Bob Hogarth, Mildura.


  1. Here is my published reply:

    Plenty of evidence for evolution
    16 Feb, 2010

    I’D like to respond to Bob Hogarth’s letter to the editor on Saturday headed “Flaws in Darwin’s theory of evolution”.

    It’s true that Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has greatly influenced science and its institutions, and rightly so.

    Contrary to Mr Hogarth’s letter, evolution has amassed a massive body of evidence over the past 150 years.

    To say that “Man’s puny intellect cannot fathom these wonders, nor the spiritual world beyond” is incredibly insulting to the amazing advances that science (and evidently our best and brightest) has given us in the last century or so.

    Life expectancy alone has doubled, not because we have studied the “received truth”, but because we have built upon our understanding of how things actually work by testing of hypothesis and if it holds up to analysis, peer review and verification, it is added to our accumulated knowledge.

    To say that “it’s a claim that can never be proven” and then claim that God did it is a complete non sequitur, as who can prove that God did it, and in fact which god or creation myth?

    If some omnipotent being did do it, he/she did an extraordinary job at covering his/her tracks.

    Unfortunately no amount of evidence, even the numerous “missing links” that have been found (as predicted by Darwin), can or ever will change someone’s mind when it’s made up, so I guess I’m speaking to the skeptical people reading this, that if someone is going to give their ideas to the general public without credible evidence, it should not go unquestioned.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    If you continue to think that because we don’t have a complete understanding of something and therefore it can’t be true, please forgive me, but all I can say to that is ... Stop using gravity then.

    Des Horwood

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  3. I know, I know....totally ripped off George Hrab with the "stop using gravity then" Thanks Geo