Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Fluoride support against evidence" again.....

Looks like the local anti-fluoride mob have called in their "expert" from Geelong. A quick search reveals the author, David McRae BSc(Hons), Grad. Dip. Human Services. 

I must admit that his credentials had me a little intimidated, but I pushed on with skeptical diligence and had a look at the  USA’s National Research Council review of 2006 as he suggested. I could not have scripted it better myself. 

Read the comments to have a look at my response.

Sunraysia Daily

Letters to the Editor
01 Mar, 2010

Fluoride support against evidence

CLEARLY A lover of water fluoridation, Des Horwood writes an enormous letter (Sunraysia Daily, February 24). But in all those paragraphs he gives no evidence and virtually no credible reasons.
He says that his three children have no cavities; well if they live in the Mildura region they have achieved this without water fluoridation.

In Geelong, never fluoridated until a couple of months ago, 70 to 80 percent of children have no cavities, or one at most. Likewise, all the non-fluoridated cities and countries around the world do very well.
In Melbourne, fluoridated for 30 years, we see constant reports of rapidly rising tooth decay, and fluoridation is proving powerless to combat it.

The problem is eating and drinking junk food, not a lack of the toxic fluoride chemical.
The fluoride that the government wants to add to all water supplies is fluorosilicic acid, FSA, a waste product from several heavy industries.

As Mr Horwood points out, FSA is contaminated with heavy metals including arsenic, mercury, lead and cadmium, but then says we shouldn’t worry about it. What?

Any addition of toxic heavy metals to the bodies of our babies and children is dangerous. The goal of water suppliers is to reduce toxics as close as possible to zero, not to increase them.

He claims that only much higher levels of fluoride cause health problems. Has he consulted the USA’s National Research Council review of 2006?

It found serious health problems related to quite small daily intakes of fluoride that you can get from drinking and cooking with water that is artificially fluoridated.

Since Geelong was fluoridated mid-last year, we have seen many dozens of people reporting fluoride-related health disturbances like stomach pain, skin rashes and severe fatigue that only clear up when they take the costly measures to completely avoid tap water. That is unfair for them and they get no compensation.

Mr Horwood’s arguments against voting on fluoridation are just too silly to discuss.
If he really believes his own spin he would want to stop all democracy and elections of any kind. Parents always make the decisions for their children up to a certain age.

Fluoridation is a hangover from 1940s thinking, that throwing chemicals at everything will solve all problems. It is a blight on our country.

David McRae,
Geelong West.


  1. This is my response sent to the editor of Sunraysia Daily. Thanks go to Rachel for helping me edit some of my sarcasm out.

    Fluoride nothing to fear

    Thank's David McRae for the laugh, by characterising me as a "Fluoride lover".
    I have no feelings of affection for fluoride, sorry to disappoint you. I once was sympathetic to the anti-fluoride camp and took up their challenge to "check the facts"; I agree, everyone should check the facts .......and put your minds at ease with evidence supported by scientific consensus.

    In this country, if you don't like the Government’s policy, you can vote them out at the next election. However, I think you'll find that both Labor and Coalition wisely defer to public health professionals on the matter of water fluoridation. You'll find that the states have based their policy on the Howard Government initiated report by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 2007, titled "A Systematic Review of the Efficacy and Safety of Fluoridation". It's a very thorough document and I suggest interested people read it. Be warned though, Part A alone is 138 pages.

    I have read the USA’s National Research Council review of 2006 as asked by Mr McRae, and I quote “so it is important to note that the safety and effectiveness of the practice of water fluoridation was outside the scope of this report and is not evaluated.” In fact the report supports exactly what I have been saying, that levels much higher than 1mg/L can cause fluorosis.

    Heed your own advice, check your sources please.

    The issues in Mr McRae’s community (Geelong) “sound” bad don’t they? Interestingly, the day fluorides were to be added to Cleveland’s water supply, complaints began: "My goldfish have died" "My violets are wilting" "I can't make a decent cup of coffee." "My dog is constipated". Unpublicised technical difficulties had actually delayed its start for another month!

    Correlation does not equal causation.

    So what's going on here? Readers may be aware of the placebo effect but not the less publicised nocebo effect; look it up.
    Stirring up fear in a community on the "evils" of fluoride, will lead to people attributing any illness or co-incidence to it; some will even become sick, purely from the fear of it. It's not to say that they are stupid or irrational, it's just one of those quirks of being human and we are all subject to the same effect, dependant on how much fear you have swallowed, not the minuscule amount of fluoride you have swallowed.

    When it comes to fluoridation, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  2. Des you are a nutter with little or no proper research capabilities whatsoever
    Fluoride is 4 points higher on the toxic scale than lead. in the USA it has a black label rating Which states regarding the mixing of baby formula Do not mix this formula using fluorodated water as it can cause brain damage to children under 6 months Fluoride is a by product of Aluminium
    and is used as part of the anti depressant PROZAC

    It is introduced into drinking water not to treat tooth decay but as a product to subdue the Population of our major cities
    In prisons were fluorodated water was used they found it cut down rioting in the prisons
    So try studying before putting pen to paper
    you said
    once was sympathetic to the anti-fluoride camp and took up their challenge to "check the facts"; I agree, everyone should check the facts .......and put your minds at ease with evidence supported by scientific consensus
    Yes Ron everyone should check the facts I DO
    and all my statements are based on factual scientific evidence Freely available on GOOGLE and YOU TUBE

  3. Des you seem to think that your opinion is extremely important and read by all Words like This is my response to the Editor etc.

    Ihave read your comments on a number of occassions and every one is crap to say the least to try and con vince people that Fluoride is not dangerous and then fail to back up your comment, as to why you think it is not dangerous. makes you a very dangerous person to be discussing fluoridation with

    Go to you tube and there are hundreds of videos from WORLD EXPERTS saying that it IS EXTREMELY dangerous in the long term
    You seem to be more intent on how important you think you are than the real subject at hand FLUORIDE in our drinking water.

  4. Des youve answered letters to the editor of the Sunraysia newspaper etc.
    Why no response to my previous three letters
    lets hear your opinion on the matters i have dealt with up to now regarding fluoride and the NEW WORLD ORDER bOTH BEING LINKED OF COURSE The Fluoride being forced fed on the people of Queensland as a means of keeping them partly sedated Fluoride is used in American prisons to keep the prisoners calm and stop rioting Fluoride is one of the chemicals used to produce PROZAC So lets have your scientific opinion on why you think fluoride is so good From your previous letters it seems you are an expert on the subject

  5. I'm sorry, I have a very hard time taking someone seriously that criticises my research capabilities and suggests I look at "GOOGLE & YOUTUBE"........you have to be kidding???

    If you have some relevant and high quality study that you base your opinion on, I would be glad to have a look at it. My mind may be settled on this from the evidence I have seen thus far however, that is not to say that it can not be changed; What about you?

    I'm very doubtful that any amount of evidence will be able to convince someone that believes that they KNOW all about the history, policy and means of implementation of an apparent SECRET society.... seriously, do you not see the disconnect?

    If you wish to try an change my mind, please forward your best evidence and please cease the ad-hominem attacks, let's stick to arguing the evidence.

    If you are going to hold a very fringe opinion the I'm afraid that the burden of proof falls upon you.